Newborn Care

Dr Martin can recommend a paediatrician for continued care of your newborn baby. Both St George Private and Kareena Private are staffed with excellent paediatricians.

Both areas also have a network of support services that can help with problems such as breast feeding and settling your newborn baby.

Should you need them Dr Martin will gladly help you access them.

Keeping Updated On The Latest Research

Keeping up to date with the latest and safest techniques for surgery, IVF procedures and modern obstetric care is essential. This means Dr Martin regularly participates in conferences and education sessions, both in Australia and overseas. When such events are scheduled, all efforts will be made to ensure she does not miss your delivery by closing off bookings around major events. If she is away, but it's clearly not your due date, she will inform you of the doctor that will see you in her absence.


Appointment Times

We appreciate that your time is important. However, with any medical practice, there are emergencies that arise. Our secretaries will make every effort to inform you of such events. If your appointment time changes during the day we can either keep you updated by a call or SMS. Please let us know what you prefer when you make your booking. 

We respect your privacy, so details or the nature of your appointment will not be included in any SMS. We ask for your understanding in such matters – perhaps one day Dr Martin will be running out the door to assist you.



At both room locations we have access to modern ultrasound technology, nurses for blood collection, and midwives for extra support, when required. 

These midwives also have specialised training in IVF treatments. For those patients undergoing IVF treatment, you will have a friendly team you will get to know during the course of your treatment. They will be calling you with results and ensuring your treatment plan is running as smoothly as possible.

Counsellors are also available for our IVF patients. We recognize that such treatments can be intrusive and difficult for some people. In such cases, that extra level of counselling can help you get through it all. Anyone seeking sperm or egg donation will also benefit from this service.

Both Kareena Private and St George Private are excellent hospitals. A private obstetrician chooses to deliver in hospitals they have confidence in. Emergencies are catered for at both sites with excellent surgical facilities if required. However, as with most hospitals, cases of extreme prematurity may need to be transferred elsewhere. In the whole state of NSW there are limited beds for such cases. Their availability changes by the hour and cannot be pre-booked. In such situations, Dr Martin will make all the necessary arrangements quickly. There is a state-wide co-ordination system for such scenarios.