Frequently asked questions

Yes she delivers babies conceived both naturally or by IVF from any centre.

All obstetricians need some time off In the event she cannot make your delivery she will discuss this with you and inform you of who will be covering her.

Yes she can. However she would be delighted to refer you back to your regular obstetrician who has delivered your previous children if you would prefer.

Dr Martin can help you understand your choices. She has had the pleasure of meeting many of the Obstetricians in Wollongong. She can refer you to an Obstetrician closer to home and arrange a copy of all your results to take with you.

One thing that needs to be considered is endometriosis and this cannot always be determined from a scan. A careful history and examination is required to determine if laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery is needed to investigate and treat this problem.

Yes she does. PCOS can affect your long-term health and fertility. It is important to have a Gynaecologist that will educate you and guide you with management of this condition during different phases of your life. The first step is getting informed about the facts.

Make an appointment to see Dr Martin now. She will explain the result and make a plan that you are comfortable with. When requesting an appointment please let the secretary know it is for an "abnormal PAP smear" as this helps allocate the correct type of appointment for your care.

Most appointments and even examinations will not be affected by the onset of bleeding. An exception is PAP smear collection. If you are concerned call the office to see if your appointment needs to be rescheduled. Please be assured that such situations will be catered for in a sensitive manner.

Yes it could be. A quality semen analysis can be arranged for you and the results explained to you.

Yes we can but the answer to this question is far more complex. Dr Martin needs to evaluate your particular case.