Addressing fertility concerns.

Are you trying to conceive and not getting pregnant? This doesn't always mean that you need IVF. It may be a simple correctable factor that needs to be identified.

Obstetrics Overview


Delivering your baby.

Dr Martin delivers babies at both Kareena Private Hospital and St George Private Hospital. She delivers babies that are conceived either naturally or with the assistance of IVF.

Gynaecology Overview

Gynaecology - Looking after yourself.

Problems with your periods? Your menstruation should not be stopping you from studying, working or being happy! Come and discuss some of the options that might be available for you. 

Preconception Overview

Preconception advice

We all live busy lives but when we decide to have a child it's important to be well informed. Are you or your partner on medications that could interfere with a safe pregnancy? 


Abnormal PAP smears can be a frightening thing. With a good explanation their significance can become clear. Dr Martin can explain your results and help you identify and reduce your risks factors. 

Colposcopy is sometimes required and this can be arranged from her Miranda rooms. This is a further examination done using a microscope to look at the cervix after application of special solutions. The procedure will be carefully explained to you so as to make it as comfortable as possible. On occasions a biopsy will be taken to further evaluate a lesion. This will only be done with your consent and understanding. 

Dr Martin is a member of ASCP.


Dr Marcela Martin is part of the team at IVF Australia. She trained in infertility under their guidance in Sydney and attained further studies in the field. 

As a member of IVFA, Dr Martin attends regular meetings to help keep up to date with the latest technology and evidence-based results. She meets with other specialists to confer on difficult cases to help get the best results for her patients. 

She performs her own egg retrieval and embryo transfers. Support is offered to all patients going through this process. This can range from our administration team who help you understand how to best optimise your Medicare or health fund rebates, through to nurses who call you personally with your blood results. Our counsellors are also available to couples that feel they need additional support.

"There are many things on the internet that promise people increased fertility. I just wished couples would arrange a consultation to hear the facts before they took a gamble on unproven substances and their biological clock! They might be pleasantly surprised by their results, and it's that reassurance that may help them relax and enjoy the baby making process once more. For those couples that need fertility assistance they might also be surprised at the range of options available in this day and age. Some are less interventional than others and this helps cater for everyone's needs. " 

IVF Australia website - click here: IVFAUSTRALIA. (link)

Consultation list

Dr Marcela Martin has two consulting rooms. They are located at Kogarah and Miranda. Should there be any delays on the day of your appointment, every effort will be made to call or send you a message to limit inconvenience. 

Blood tests and ultrasounds can be performed at both sites. 

For any colposcopy services please book in at the Miranda rooms.

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