Delivering your baby

Dr Martin delivers babies at both Kareena Private Hospital and St George Private Hospital. She delivers babies that are conceived either naturally or with the assistance of IVF.

Dr Martin limits her numbers so she can maximise personalised care.


She has chosen the above named hospitals because of their excellent facilities and midwifery support.

Dr Martin prefers to see patients early in the pregnancy to ensure all appropriate tests have been ordered. You need a referral from your GP for your first appointment.

At your first consultation she will scan you to help determine your due date. She will then discuss with you the different types of tests that may be relevant to your pregnancy. Some of these have to be organised by the 12th week so it is preferable that you book early.

For couples that have endured a miscarriage or previous ectopic pregnancy, it is important to see you as early as 6 weeks to help determine if there is any additional support you require in this pregnancy.

Dr Martin continually participates in conferences and professional development programs to ensure she is up to date with the latest evidence-based developments in obstetric care.

“As an obstetrician my role is to manage your pregnancy and protect both mother and child. I recognise every couple’s journey is different and so each delivery should be planned to reflect this. I enjoy my work – as there is no better reward than celebrating the birth of a baby”.