Preconception advice


We all live busy lives but when we decide to have a child it's important to be well informed.

Are you or your partner on medications that could interfere with a safe pregnancy? Are there lifestyle factors that need to be changed?

"There are many things on the internet that promise people increased fertility. I just wished couples would arrange a consultation to hear the facts before they took a gamble on unproven substances and their biological clock!

How about your weight? These things can directly affect your pregnancy or your chances of conceiving. Make an appointment to see if there is any ‘fine-tuning’ to be done before creating a little life!

Antenatal classes

Antenatal classes are generally attended in the latter half of the pregnancy. Good quality antenatal classes are provided by the private hospital you are booked into. However there are some private midwives in the area if you choose not to participate in a larger group or the available classes don’t suit your schedule. Dr Martin would be happy to provide you with such a referral if preferred.